About me

I graduated from New York's School of Visual Arts in 2011, and have gone on to self-publish a bunch of comics on the web and in print. I've also been a art/production assistant for various graphic novels, like: Teen Boat, Drama, Amulet and The Adventure Zone: Here Be Gerblins.

My formally published work is mostly scripts for multiple Amazing World of Gumball graphic novels published by Boom! Studios, but I've also done short backup comics for Bee and Puppycat and Steven Universe.

My comics and art have been featured in anthologies like The Adventure Zine, Womanthology, Hana Doki Kira, Chainmail Bikini and Peanuts: a Tribute. 

My comics are heavily influenced by shoujo manga, newspaper comics and cute animals. I live in New Jersey. I like cats.

contact me at: Meg.The.Brennan@gmail